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Change starts with you - open your home and your heart to an international exchange student.

Make A Difference….Share your home with a Foreign Exchange Student




My name is Amy Larison. I am a local coordinator with ETC in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.



I am reaching out to you to see if you would be interested in hosting a foreign exchange student or know someone who would be interested. Economically speaking, times are tough and finding families has been difficult this year. I am hoping you may be interested or know of a nice family who would make a great host. We accept all kinds of families; kids, no kids, empty nesters, single parents, and so on. The main requirement is kindness and willingness to learn about a foreign culture.


ETC, Education, Travel and Culture, International High School students stay with their host families while attending the local high school. The students speak English and come with medical insurance and spending money. The cultural exchange between your family and the student will help you both to gain a deeper understanding of human values that unite all nations across the world. By having these students live with American families, we break down the barriers that divide people, not only across international borders, but also within our own community. We are seeking homes for these students coming to your neighborhood in August. 

There are two types of volunteer host families:

Welcome family- This starts just before school year and can last about 6-8 weeks.  This allows student to enroll in school and become involved in the community where the student and the local coordinator work to find a permanent family.  Welcome families CAN become permanent host families.

Permanent Host Family- This starts just before the school year and will be the duration of the school year.



What we require of a host family is:


Provide a bed (can share room with a host sibling if same gender and within 4 years of age apart.)

3 meals a day (if student buys lunch at school it is their financial responsibility)

Transportation to/from school activities (school bus, walking, rides with neighbors/friends ok with your permission)

Place to study (such as a desk or table)


**All host families will receive a deductible tax credit of $50 a month for each month hosting since they are a volunteer.**


All students come with own spending money (all things out of pocket are responsibility of student, such as meals out, entertainment, clothes, etc even with the host family)


All students have own medical insurance ( they pay own bills, copays, prescriptions and anything not covered by insurance such as school physicals and immunizations.)


All students are required to provide their grades to me each month.  (I will be speaking to host family and student each month to ensure all is going well.  As well as I am required to see students and host families regularly.)



The student would be enrolled at your local high school and will attend for the duration of the year.

ETC Local Coordinators across the United States believe that international exchange is a life changing experience for young people and their community, and a wonderful way to bring people from different countries together.

ETC Local Coordinators work with four diverse communities-host families, exchange students, their local community, and host schools. For ETC, Local Coordinators are one of our most important tools, as they are at the center of the exchange process-giving the experience personal and local support that is invaluable for all parties involved.


ETC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to quality exchange and global learning opportunities. ETC is designated by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor our students on a J-1 visa to attend high school in America. We are also approved by the Council on Standards for International Education Travel (CSIET).

We have a great group of kids assigned to Texas for the  upcoming school year. Many of these kids are talented and would love to join clubs in their American High School. These kids are excited about the opportunity to live in our great state! They ask some cute questions: "Are there horses in Texas?" "Do you have a nice family for me?" "Are schools like in the movies?” “Does everyone wear boots and a cowboy hat?” The kids are nervous but excited at the same time. ETC is trying to best accommodate these students, so perhaps you can help us. Hosting an exchange student proves to be a great promoter of diversity and diplomacy for the local communities, which is one of our first and foremost goals.

We still have students hoping to come to Texas who do not have a host family lined up for them as of yet. Profiles can be sent upon request.

Would you be willing to pay this forward?  For every email address and Facebook or other social post, you make to forward this, you will be entered into a monthly Drawing of Appreciation. This drawing may include a gift certificate or other item given to those who have made efforts on behalf of  ETC here in the DFW and surrounding areas to further or word at the need to find quality host families.  The drawing will go until August 1, 2014 at midnight CST.  To qualify, you must tag me, cc me or send me a link to your post. IF your posting results in an approved host family, you will receive a Thank you gift from me directly.  Now is the time!  WE are in a time crunch for approvals, every little bit helps! 


**Contact me if you would like to be part of the monthly newsletter for ETC .**

Amy Larison

Local Coordinator

Dallas/ Fort Worth Area
214.458.1928 cell

Education, Travel And Culture-ETC is a non-profit company.


Consider hosting an exchange student! Our alumni change the world!

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